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Europe, Latvia
I am Amelia, I am 19 years old. How you see in my blog - I love winter, books, music, clothes and other interesting things. and also I like draw. I'm art lovers, as well i make from polymer clay jewelry...And if you like any jewelry, you can from me to also buy. contacting me ------ ameliia@inbox.lv and this is my official web site .. here I write have i see the world around me, short sentences, and here are my pictures to view on my life .. and I put my own small art works ... I hope that you will are enjoy my web page ..


I am a big fan of  30 seconds to mars .. I love them. I think they are the best band in the world!
Was it a dream, is this the only evidence I have of you and I...
In Love.

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so sweet....love
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I love it when someone`s laugh is funnier than the joke.

jewelry from polymer clay

And here's some of my made jewelry..jewelry from polymer clay 
If you like my made jewelry, you can buy...contacting to me ----  ameliia@inbox.lv and get beautiful jewelry his property
 as well my and my sisters jewelry web page 
"Bloomy jewelry"
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Yesterday in Europe, Latvia - Riga..was been incredible Kylie Minogue concert,,She is the one of the worlds greatest singer,,and i think she is the best.. I not been yesterday on the concert ,,but i see pictures, and my friends tell me,,that concert was been incredibly
and There is my favourite song on her all songs...
Kylie Minogue - Red Blooded Woman

my little artworks..

and this is my little artworks,,This is a just a sketch

Neguin VS Just Do It - FINAL BATTLE - Red Bull BC One

 last month (I think) was the Red Bull BC One 2010, I could not see, but one friend told me about this dance show. I have so much fun that I sought out youtube.com this show excerpts .. and here is a snippet ..  for this year's Red Bull BC 2010 winner was - Neguin. I think the very deserved .. he was the best ..


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Put your troubles aside and start living.
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Make sure your dream will never die.
Throw away all your problems ‘cause right now it’s party time.
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I was gonna make you a rum cake, but now it’s just a cake and I’m drunk.
I love music and I love winter—beautiful…

I love 30 seconds to mars
lonely heart